Please call or E-mail with any other questions you may have

Do I need a Fishing License and Tackle?

Your captain will provide all the required licensing for saltwater fishing in the state of Florida. Rods and Reels outfitted with the appropriate line and tackle for the targeted species will be rigged and ready for you upon arrival. You are alway welcome to bring your rods and tackle along if you would like to.

What is the best way to book a trip?

You can book by e-mailing or calling at anytime. We will respond to texts as well. Please always leave your contact info when calling if you end up at voicemail (sometimes we don't see missed calls while on the water). We will get back with you ASAP! Please see the Rates / Booking page for calendar with open dates.

Where and when do we meet?

Your Captain will contact you a few days prior to your trip and go over the details. We cover a large area of water in order to stay on the best fishing possible. Our locations page has most of the ramps we frequent preloaded on an interactive map thats very user friendly and will provide you with directions as well.

What should I bring on my trip?

Your Captain will have a cooler with waters and gatorades onboard. If you are planning a full day trip we recommend bringing a sandwich and some light snacks (depending on where we are fishing there is the option of eating at a restaurant on the water. Please inquire with your guide before your trip). Sunblock, a hat and polarized sunglasses are also recommended. Feel free to bring any camera gear as well. We have dry storage onboard that is available if needed.

How many people can you accommodate?

We run multiple skiffs at Avid Charters. Some skiffs are designed for two passengers, plus captain and others for three passengers, plus captain. We also occasionally run our ocean trips in a bigger center-consoles that can carry 5 passengers, plus captain. If you have a larger group wanting to book we can fish in multiple boats while staying close to each other. This always makes for some friendly competition. Discounts are available when booking multiple boats. Please contact for info on this.